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The Gran Hotel Taoro opens the doors to a trip back in time, a trip more than a century ago.
You will live the experience of staying in what was the first great hotel, in the most modern and luxurious style at the time, in the place known as Monte Miseria, in a privileged location with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.


The Gran Hotel Taoro was conceived as a great mother hotel, its location and size made it a basic landmark in the landscape of the Orotava Valley.

From the architectural point of view, the hotel resembles the palaces of the French baroque, with a perfect quadrangular layout in its plant, pavilions around a large central courtyard, giving it an intimate character.

It emphasizes the symmetry between the building and the garden in a smooth transition, seeking harmony between the guest’s dwelling and nature.

«The lobby gives rise to an axis that crosses the entire building, then enters the Cartesian garden to end in the avenue of the Sortijas, leaving, therefore, the space divided into two equal parts, whose correspondence in essence is perfect».

The Gran Hotel Taoro was designed following the architectural models in vogue at the time for large luxury hotels.

It had 217 rooms that radiated comfort, without neglecting the smallest detail. The lounge, the center of attention for visitors, was decorated in the style of Louis XVI, with mahogany wood, marble and fine porcelain, crystal chandeliers and murals typical of the French 18th century.

Our hotel was also a pioneer in terms of the hygiene of the facilities, with running water on all floors, 20 W.C. and 10 bathrooms, an exceptional number for that time.

The Taoro was also one of the first island buildings with electric lighting, with 390 lamps inside and 6 arches on the facades and gardens.


One of the most outstanding attractions of the Gran Hotel Taoro are its gardens, designed and created more than a century ago and that will transport you today to those times in your trip to the past with us.

The gardens of the «Taoro» were grouped in two different areas. First was the French garden, which extended over the central courtyard of the hotel and a first strip of the outdoor garden. From the terraces and windows of the hotel one could enjoy a beautiful view of geometrically distributed flower beds and lawns, hedges, arbors, a pond and the first tennis court built on the islands.

Following this central garden, an extension of several hectares occupied by a large English garden, where trees, shrubs and flowers were distributed in an expontaneous way.

These two spaces were divided by an axial axis that started from the hotel lobby and, crossing the central courtyard, connected with a long promenade: the «Camino de la Sortija», where the famous «Carrera de las Sortijas» (Ring Race) was held.

In the first 10 years of the Gran Hotel Taoro’s existence, about 12,000 trees were planted.

Your visit to the Gran Hotel Taoro will transport you back in time, you will feel what this endless orchard instilled in the souls of its visitors in the last century: emotions of freedom, beauty and harmony.


«if the walls could talk…»

When you cross the front door of our hotel and barely take a few steps inside, you will understand why this place was chosen more than 100 years ago by so many illustrious personalities.

Since its opening and throughout its history, the Gran Hotel Taoro hosted several illustrious personalities of the wealthiest classes and among the most famous figures of each era.

20, the Duke and Duchess of Kent in 1938, the Duchess of Victoria in 1946, Alvaro de Orleans y Borbon in 1949 or the Marquises of Villaverde in 1950.

From the world of culture, we remember such illustrious guests as the writer Agatha Christie, who stayed at the hotel in February 1929, William R. Wilde, André-Pierre Ledrú, French naturalist and naturalist, and the famous Frenchman, André.
Pierre Ledrú, French naturalist, Marianne North, botanist and painter, Sir Richard Burton, translator of the Oriental erotic works «The Thousand and One Nights» and the
«Kamasutra», the playwright and journalist Joaquín Calvo Sotelo, the poet Dulce María Loynaz, both in 1947.

At that time, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Gran Hotell Taoro became a cultural center of the first order, the English Library was created at that time, considered by some English authors as «the most important library outside the British territory».

Experience the sensation of resting on the stage where the «Lady of Mystery» finished two books of short stories: «The Blue Train» and «The Enigmatic Mr. Quinn», the latter includes the story of «The Man from the Sea» in which some places in Puerto de la Cruz are described with great clarity.

The fascination of the famous writer for the Canary Islands lasted for more than 40 years.

Gran Hotel Taoro

Desde su inauguración en 1890, el Gran Hotel Taoro se instituyó como un elemento crucial en la Isla de Tenerife. Estableció las bases del turismo de lujo.